Kleen Freaks Air Freshener

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Kleen Freeks hanging Air Fresheners have a plain and simple design and scented using the most requested scents in testing.

NEW: Pink Retro – Strawberry Milkshake

Black/Green – hard wax custom Candygum scent
Black/Purple – Grape Soda from the Detailer Spray
Black/White – raspberry from the Interior Trim Dressing

juicy fruits have 3 delicious new scents and 3 funky new colours:

Teal Blue/Pink – watermelon sorbet
Purple/yellow – mango passion
Pink/yellow – rhubarb & custard cream


A classic blue denim blue background with white logo loaded with another of our custom scents, a blend of bergamot/citrus/vanilla/Amber and a few secrets to create an awesome scent all off its own.

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