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Gloss Kings - Sovereign Hydrophobic Detailing Spray 500ml

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Sovereign is a powerful hydrophobic detailing spray that provides a deep level of gloss and shine to your paintwork, used as finishing protection, it is the last step in the detailers handbook.  Sovereign allows you to provide the maximum amount of protection for your paintwork providing a deep glaze that seals in your previous layers of protection for up to 3 weeks, and with is luscious scent of bilberries you will certainly enjoy applying it.  Sovereign can be used to top up your protection and maintain it for longer. Sovereign can also be used as a drying aid to add a quick amount of gloss to your paintwork post wash.

Directions for use:

1. Spray a small amount onto the vehicles paintwork and wipe off using a clean microfiber cloth.

2. Buff to a shine with a second clean microfiber ensuring there are no streaks remaining. 

3. Do not use in direct sunlight and do not allow product to dry.