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Gloss Kings - Realm All in one Polish 500ml

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Gloss Kings Realm has been specially formulated to allow the user to polish either by hand or by machine and remove foreign object damage from the vehicle paintwork in a safe manner.  Considered to be an all in one resin based product it can restore paintwork or be used to refine an already deep level of gloss and protection, it provides an effective all weather coating that is easy to use and delivers a deep rich shine.  Can be used to help fill minor swirls and other defects.

Directions for use:

1. Ensure the vehicle paintwork is clean before use.

2. Apply a small amount to a microfiber or foam applicator or if using a DA machine apply a few small drops to the pad.  Work into the affected area using small circular or straight line motions, either way to be consistent.

3. Allow to dry to a haze.

4. Buff off using a clean microfiber towel in the same consistent motion.