Gloss Kings - Premium Professional 2 Bucket Wash & Detail Kit

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Gloss Kings Premium Professional Wash Kit

Blue Goblin Car Care products currently out of stock, this kit will be supplied with Deathless Detailing Products of equal quality.

Are you tired of swirl marks and dull looking paint no matter how much product you use?  It all starts with the wash process, which makes our Gloss Kings Premium Professional Wash Kit is the perfect kit for anyone looking to take their detailing game to the next level. The kit consists of the following items to help you towards those professional results:

  • 2 - Gloss Kings 20.5 litre buckets and lids
  • 2 - Grit guards
  • 1 - Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-fiber microfiber wash mitt
  • 1 - Gloss Kings SGCB Soft Edged Drying Towel
  • 1 - Gloss Kings Premium Polishing cloth
  • 1 - Chemical Guys Waterless wash towel
  • 1 - Chemical Guys buffing cloth
  • 1 - 500ml bottle of Deathless Detailing Shampoo.
  • 1 - 500ml bottle of Deathless Snow Foam.
  • 1 - 500ml bottle of Deathless detailing Detailing Spray
  • 1 - Gloss Kings Professional Snow Foam Lance. (Karcher K Series)

The cost of these items when bought separately comes in at £109.05 however when bought as a Gloss Kings kit you get it all for £89.95!

N.B. Colour of towels and cloths received may differ to the colour shown in the picture but the quality and specification always remains the same.