Gloss Kings Kleen Freaks Ultimate Wash & Detail Kit

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You asked for it, so here it is!

The Gloss Kings Kleen Freaks Ultimate wash & detail kit has arrived.

Are you tired of dull, swirled and marred paintwork?  If so then this kit is the answer, not only will this kit look sweet in your garage it will get you well on your way to perfecting your detailing game.  Swirl marks and dull paint are a result of neglect and poor washing practises.  This kit will sort this out for you, The snow foam lance will allow you to properly pre wash your vehicle and remove any heavy grit and contaminants before you go anywhere near it with a wash mitt.   The 2 bucket with grit guard wash method when combined with the Korean microfiber wash mitt will stop you spreading any remaining dirt and grit over your paint whilst you carry out your contact wash.  Once your finished and you have dried it off with our ultra soft drying towels you can start with the array of Kleen Freaks products designed to revitalise and protect your paintwork going forward.  This Kit is a must for any serious car enthusiast!  The kit contains the following items: 

  • 2 Gloss Kings 20.5 Litre wash buckets
  • 2 Gloss Kings Grit Guards
  • 1 Gloss Kings Professional Snow Foam Lance
  • 1 Gloss Kings Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • 1 Gloss Kings SGCB Premium Soft Edged Drying Towel
  • 1 Chemical Guys Waterless Wash Towel
  • 1 500ml Klean Freaks Shampoo +
  • 1 500ml Kleen Freaks Snowfoam
  • 1 500ml Kleen Freaks Rinse & Seal
  • 1 500ml Kleen Freaks Wheel Cleaner
  • 1 500ml Kleen Freaks Detailer Spray
  • 1 250ml Kleen Freaks Liquid Wax