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Gloss Kings - Elegance Ph Neutral Snowfoam 500ml

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Elegance snowfoam has undergone rigorous development and testing to produce a thick premium quality pre wash foam coating which lifts dirt effectively whilst also carrying it away by way of surrounding the dirt particles with its lubricating properties.  Providing unparalleled lifting qualities, Elegance snowfoam will help to provide a clean and effortless way of preparing your vehicle for a wash.  For best results use in conjunction with our Gloss Kings Professional snow foam lance and a pressure washer. 

Directions for use:

1. Do not soak vehicle prior to use, best results are achieved on a dry surface.

2. Use approximately 75-100ml of product per 1000ml of warm water.

3. Apply to the vehicle using a foam cannon and pressure washer.

4. Allow to dwell for approximately 5-10 minutes and then proceed to rinse the vehicle down.