Gloss Kings Deathless Detailing Complete Bundle

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Gloss Kings Deathless Detailing Complete Detailing Bundle
This is a fantastic collection of all the Deathless Detailing products that we stock all in one place.  This is the perfect kit to step up your detailing game and get your car looking great and protected perfectly.
The kit consists of the following items;
  • 500ml Shampoo
  • 500ml Snow Foam
  • 500ml Tyre Gel
  • 500ml Wheel Cleaner
  • 500ml Iron Remover
  • 500ml Wheel Armour
  • 500ml Glass Cleaner
  • 500ml Citrus Cleaner
  • 500ml Quick Detailer
  • 500ml Upholstery and leather cleaner
  • 500ml Tar & Glue Remover
  • 500ml Hard Shell
  • 500ml Deep Clean Polish
  • 500ml Heavy Cut Compound
  • 500ml Light Cut Compound