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Chemical Guys - Tire and Trim Gel 16 oz

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Long lasting tire and trim dressing
  • Restores and protects sun-faded trim
  • Absorbs quickly and finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel
  • Perfect for faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more!
  • Highly-refined oil-based dressing penetrates deep to restore from within
  • Super-high-shine dressing for bright wet look
  • Sling-free formula sticks to tires, not your paintwork!
  • Make tires and trim look like new

How It Works

Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel restores faded trim and tires with factory fresh, wet-black shine. The premium oil-based trim dressing restores and shields plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces with superior protection against dirt, water, and harmful UV rays. Exposure to the elements fades, discolors, and cracks plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim pieces. New Look Tire and Trim Gel penetrates deep, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores dried-out and faded trim to perfect shine. Use New Look Tire and Trim Gel on faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, weatherstripping, mirrors, window moldings, windshield cowls, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more. The premium dressing is formulated with special waterproofing agents to help it last through multiple washes. Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim Gel maximizes deep-black shine with protection that lasts.

How To Use:

  1. Apply a small amount of gel onto a foam or microfiber applicator or tire swipe.
  2. Always keep in mind that all Chemical Guys products are Professional grade so Less is more, use them sparingly.
  3. Apply a thin coat across the trim surface or tires, just enough to moisten the surface is all you need.
  4. Gel absorbs fast so no sling-off will occur.
  5. In order to achieve a deeper level of shine, you can control the level of shine according to your preference.
  6. One light application of gel delivers the optimal amount of shine for a well-dressed new look that suits most cars.
  7. For less gloss, follow application of gel by wiping down with a clean dry towel.
  8. For a higher level of shine & sheen, wait ten minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until satisfactory results are achieved.
  9. It is recommended you allow an hour for the gel to cure. You will enjoy a beautiful finish on your tires, that lasts for weeks.