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Chemical Guys - Optical Clarity Glass Cleaner 16 oz

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Professional-strength glass cleaner
  • Gentle ammonia free and alcohol free formula
  • Perfect for sensitive detailers, drivers, and car parts
  • Optical clarity technology removes dirt and grime for a streak-free finish
  • Safe for tinted windows, sensitive plastics, TV screens, and more
  • Subtle pomegranate scent will not offend sensitive noses
  • For best results, use with a Glass and Window Waffle Weave Towel

How It Works

Chemical Guys Glassworkz is the eco-friendly glass cleaner that is gentle on sensitive car parts, but tough on dirt and grime. Dirty windows are not just an eyesore, they are a safety hazard that can obscure vision and contribute to automobile accidents. Glassworkz is the first glass cleaner formulated without harmful ammonia, and without volatile solvents like alcohol. This makes Glassworkz safe for use on window tint, and even super-sensitive optical plastic parts typically found on navigation screens, cell phones, GPS units, computer monitors, televisions, and Plexiglas windows. The slick glass cleaning solution lubricates abrasive dust, dirt, and grime to help prevent installing any swirls or scratches in clear optical plastics or instrument clusters. Now detailers and drivers who are allergic to ammonia or sensitive to alcohol smells can clean their windows and glass parts without any reactions or headaches from breathing noxious fumes. Glassworkz is formulated with all natural cleaning agents, and smells like fresh pomegranates for a cleaning experience that you won’t soon forget. Less ammonia in the air, less alcohol fumes, and fewer streaks in automotive glass are all things everyone can enjoy. If you hate dirty glass and toxic cleaner smells, pick up a bottle of Glassworkz Glass Cleaner and wipe your troubles away.

How To Use:

  • Mist Glassworkz Glass Cleaner into microfiber towel.
  • Wipe up dirt, grime, and debris from the glass or clear optical plastic parts.
  • Flip the towel to a clean side, or use a fresh clean towel to buff off any streaks.
  • Clean windows inside and out for maximum clarity through any car window or windshield.