Safe Wash, The Why's Do's & Don'ts Part 5


Now that the cars all washed and rinsed off its time to get it dry, we would recommend using a large plush drying towel to achieve this or if you prefer you can have a couple of towels and use one for the top half and one for the bottom half.  work your way around the car from top to bottom again trying not the use circular motions and make sure that the entire car is dry.  open all of the doors and tailgates etc and give the insides of those areas a dry too.  Of course if you really want to limit your contact with the car you can opt for a contactless drying process with the use of a blown dryer but this is all down to how far you wan tot go with it.


Now thats it your all done, time to stand back and admire your work.  If your car already has layers of protection then great but if it hasn’t now would be a good time to apply some kind of wax to help protect the paintwork and make you job that little bit easier next time, however we will cover this subject in more depth next.


Thank you for reading we hope we have helped in some way and stay tuned for our next blog post. Remember everything you need as mentioned above is all available on the website so be sure to check that out.  Until next time….

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