Safe Wash, The Why's Do's & Don'ts Part 4

Step three - Contact wash

Now that all of the heavy deposits have been removed with your pre wash its time to carry out our contact wash, for this we are going to use two buckets with a grit guard fitted to each.  we are going to fill one bucket with just clean water and the other with clean water and the car shampoo of your choice.  If you want the soap to foam up nicely stick the lance of your pressure in the bucket once its filled and give it a squirt, this will foam it up real nice.  Do not use any washing detergents such as fairly liquid or dish soap as these are quite harsh to the paintwork, will remove any previous layers of protection you have applied (Waxes) and just give an overall dull and freaky finish.  Now we are ready to carry out our wash, we would recommend that you split your car into sections when carrying out your wash starting from the top and working your way down and around.  An example of this would be section one being roof, spoiler tops of the doors and windows. Second section being bonnet and tailgate.  Third section being top half of all the doors and bumpers with the final section being the lower part of the doors and sills which we personally use another wash mitt specifically for the dirtier parts of the car.  Get your nice fresh wash mitt and dip it into your wash bucket and give it a scrape across the grit guard  in the bottom just incase there is any residue left from your last wash and on the way out of the bucket collect a good portion of those suds you foamed up.  Work your way around the car in the in the order outlined above using nice straight motions not a circular motion if you can help it but after each separate panel its a good idea to wash out your wash mitt in your rinse bucket and give it a scrape across the grit guard and then again when you put it back in your wash bucket.  its almost as if you you have mini sections within each section, i.e. wash your roof, rinse the mitt wash the windows, rinse the mitt, wash the bonnet, rinse the mitt you get the idea.  Once you’ve worked your way around the entire car its time to give it a rinse off, although if its a particularly hot day you may have to rinse after each section to stop the suds drying on the panels.  Rinse off the car throughly making sure to remove all of the suds.

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