Safe Wash, The Why's Do's & Don'ts Part 3

Step two - Pre-wash

This is a very important step.  The theory behind this is that we want to remove as much off the heavy dirt and grit from the paintwork as possible before we come to do our contact wash.  We can do this in a few ways however we would normally recommend using a PH Neutral snow foam coupled with a snow foam lance and pressure washer.  Of course if you do not have the equipment required to do this you can use things such as TFR (Traffic film remover) or maybe even some diluted snow foam in a pump spray bottle. Anyway for this example we are using the lance.

We would recommend that you do not rinse the car with water before snow foaming, this in our opinion limits the ability for the foam to stick to the car, so straight off the bat give your car a nice even coat of snow foam including up into the wheel arches and the wheels (Even though you have just cleaned the wheels, it won’t hurt to give them a coat and it could remove bits you’ve potentially missed).  Leave the snow foam to dwell on the car for anywhere between 5 - 10 minutes based on the weather conditions, of course if it is 30 degrees out side you don’t want to be leaving that foam on for anywhere near 10 minutes as it will just dry on the surface and make the next step more difficult so just use some common sense here and gauge how long you need to leave it do its work.  Once your ready, give the car a good close rinse down starting with the wheel arches and wheels and then working your way down the car from top to bottom and remove all of the snow foam.

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