Safe Wash, The Why's Do's & Don'ts Part 2

Step one - Wheels

We would always recommend that you start any wash procedure with the wheels.  Why?  The wheels can potentially be one of the dirtiest parts of your car often covered in iron fallout, brake dust, salt, mud and grit to list but a few.  The reason we recommend cleaning them first rather than last is because we don’t want to take all of this effort to safely wash our paintwork and then potentially risk spraying all of the above mentioned nasties all over it when we rinse the wheels off at the end.  This potentially becomes a problem because after doing so your next step would be to dry the car and we don’t want to be running a drying towel across paintwork that is now potentially covered in grit and contamination.

Clean your wheels inside and out using a separate bucket, wash mitt and brushes, if there is stubborn dirt that will not shift, you can try using a wheel cleaner or iron fallout remover to assist with lifting the embedded dirt. once done, give them a rise off and we can move to the next step.

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